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Eight million disposable nappies are sent to landfill in the UK every day. Aardvark Recycling have been running a real nappy laundry service since early 2008 and during this time took over the services offered by Bumbletots Nappy Laundry service while the owner was on maternity leave.

Unfortunately the funding for this project has now come to an end and Aardvark Recycling are no longer able to continue this service in Lambeth and Southwark.

Nappy Ever After, a nappy laundry service based in Kings Cross, are expanding their services to cover some of our areas, so this means that parents in the Lambeth and Southwark areas can still benefit from a laundry service.

The nappy exchange scheme will pick up dirty reusable nappies and replace them with clean ones in one visit. This invaluable service reduces the number of nappies going to landfill while making the switch to real nappies easier for parents.

For more information and to see if your area is covered please contact :  Nappy Ever After 96 Chalton Street,  London  NW1 1HJ 020 7383 5115