CSR Projects

By obtaining services from Aardvark Recycling not only will you be working towards having an office with zero waste, you will also directly be supporting all of our great social and environmental projects. Supporting these projects will also compliment your Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

ompost GiveawayWe produce around 2 tonnes of compost every month. Once this has been fully matured we work with local community groups to ensure that this goes back into the local environment to improve soil quality. Schools, allotments, community groups, food growing groups and residents’ gardens have all benefited from obtaining our great quality compost. We want to show that great quality, local food can be produced from the food waste that has been collected. We have also given compost to our clients for their green roof project or for their staff personal use.

Affordable fresh Fruit and Veg Delivery Service – The aim of this scheme is to provide residents with good quality, affordable food, while supporting British farmers, low-intensive agricultural methods, and reducing packaging. We supply fruit to local children’s groups to ensure they are given healthy snacks. We have also recently launched a partnership with a local nursery to provide weaning packs at educational sessions for mums and babies.

Food Coop – we are in the process of setting up a food co-op in the Larkhall ward in Lambeth. A long-term unemployed local resident has been recruited to set up and run the co-op. This is a community led project for the community and run by the community while being supported by Aardvark Recycling. Its aim is to increase the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables in the area, as there is currently very limited choice.

Community Engagement – none of the projects would be possible without first engaging with the community. We work very hard to build partnerships in the areas in which we work, all the while supporting other great local projects that also benefit the community. Many groups work very hard to give local people the skills necessary to care for and protect the local environment. Workshops in the local community focus around issues including cooking, health and nutrition as well as planting and growing food.

Education – this is essential part of what we do. By spreading the word and working in partnership with many organisations as possible we can help people learn a wide range of skills as well as disseminating information around food issues.